Levels of Mind Process—Your Instrument to Peace

Levels of Mind Diagram

Click the link below to experience the Levels of Mind process for yourself. You can also download your free Instrument for Peace worksheet and diagram here and read more detailed instructions to David’s 5 Step Levels of Mind healing process.



The Mind at Peace Is Healed

You are created as pure divine love by God. Then you had this crazy thought, “Could there be more than everything?”

When prayer or desire becomes split, purity is lost. From that prayer all the rest spreads out. The belief becomes the ego and the thought becomes attack and the emotion becomes fear and the perception becomes the entire cosmos. It all springs from the desire for more than everything.

When you are asleep in the dream, you believe in the specifics that you perceive. You react to what is happening to you based on the emotions you feel. You think that the cause of how you feel is at the level of perception. So this is where the journey back must start. You need to understand what is underneath the level of perception. There are levels or layers in the mind determining what you are experiencing in day to day life. The levels come from beliefs that have been conditioned and reinforced in the mind over time. All of the “surface issues,” which are form problems, were made to distract the mind from looking within at the beliefs. They also demonstrate how we come to perceive what we perceive and what is underneath our experiences in daily life.

The ego never wants you to learn this.

The ego wants you to think that cause is at the level of perception. The ego would have you think that the past causes the future. In truth, the cause is in the center and the effect is on the outside. Your desire influences your belief. And your beliefs control your thoughts. Your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your perceptions.

The power to change is in the center. The prayer or desire of your heart is always answered.

You have only one problem, and that problem is that you believe that you can be separate from God. All other problems stem from this one belief and are only distractions to keep you from looking at the original problem. For if you look at the original problem, reason will tell you that it is impossible for me to be separate from God.

Think of the mind like concentric circles with desire in the center. The next ring is belief, followed by thought, followed by emotion, followed by perception. The inner areas determine the outer. You are using your desire (center) to wake up as the incentive to question everything you believe, and as false belief is dissolved, the thoughts that sprang from the ego are released as well. This in turn releases fearful emotions and perceptions. This is why A Course in Miracles talks so frequently about the “little willingness.” It is this splinter of desire to Awaken—joined with the Holy Spirit—that ignites the undoing of the ego.

The Holy Spirit is the “how,” and miracles, or shifts in perception, are the means. Cause and effect are getting turned back around and this means you are becoming aware that mind is causative. Quickly give over these thoughts to the Holy Spirit and He will show you that the thoughts had no real effects. Pockets of guilt are fixed beliefs that have not been questioned and are still assumed to be true. The base of these beliefs is the belief that time is linear instead of simultaneous.

Zen Meditation Stones

As the pockets of guilt are released, peace returns to awareness. 


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